Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby looks good

So baby looks great he's not breeched anymore yeah and he's about 6lbs 3oz, and I'm 1cm dilated. I have lots more info to update about my doctor's appt but it's dinnertime. I just wanted to post this cute picture of our baby's super chubby cheeks:-)


  1. Ahhh.. What a little cutie pie. Oh my he does have chubby cheeks, he is all cheeks! I guess you were not kidding! I just want to squeeze them. I am glad baby is doing well. Please keep reminding him the 14th is off limits to come into the world! Oh, I cannot wait to see you and the kid’s tomorrow baby. I look forward to our Saturdays! I have something waiting here for you. Love you so much. Mama

  2. Oh those cheeks are soon going to be filled with kisses. What a " beauty full" picture.

    I hope you are able to enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy and that you are feeling well. What a special time.

  3. How amazing these ultrasounds are now. What a little sugar bear.


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