Friday, November 12, 2010

Caila's Birthday celebration

SO we had a wonderful day for Caila's Birthday. I gave Caila a Cupcake Birthday dress that she just couldn't stop twirling in.

Then we headed over to pick up Nana's because we were going to a playscape (that I thought they would like)but first we stopped for a visit with Grandma (who just had hip surgery and can't get out yet) so we wanted to visit poor Grandma. We then went to the playscape which at firts was very intimidating for the kids because it's just so big but they eventually eased into it and had fun with the help of Nana.

It was nice too because the place was right next to the river and a dam so we spent some time there having rock throwing contests and just taking in the last glimpse of fall I think the kids had more fun here than at the playscape lol (I should have known)

We then headed back to Grandma's for a home cooked Birthday spaghetti dinner (Caila's request) and presents shortly followed...
Here is my first waldorf doll thatI made for Caila's Birthday and a dress made with the same fabric to match Caila's dress.

She also got The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales
and we also got her My magical pony tales collection
and her brother got her Fabulous Doodles which she loves especially because she loves to wind down from the day and doodle in her bed before she falls asleep so this ws a perfect gift!!
Then we later read her a book that I origionally wanted to buy from three sisters toys but they were out of stock so I watercolored my own using thebearthinstitute site... whicj is a classic waldorf Birthday story...

Once upon a time there was a little child named Caila who was still with the angles in heaven and she was very happy there. She looked at the beautiful colors and listened to the lovely music of the heavens, and that was where she belonged.

But one day the clouds parted in heavens and Caila saw the beautiful green earth below with all the people happily playing and working and she suddenly longed to go there and see what it was like. She saw all the rainbow colors of the earth, She saw butterflies visiting flowers and birds flying in the air. They seemed to be beckoning her. She saw fish swimming in the sea and all the different plants that covered the earth. She saw children climbing trees running and jumping in the meadows and walking through sand and leaves. It was all so beautiful!

So she said to her angel, Please, may I go down to earth now? But her angel looked at her and said, No, it is too soon. You must wait a little while yet. So the child went and was happy and soon forgot about the earth.

Then one day again she saw a glimpse of the earth through the clouds again. She saw mothers and fathers doing their work. She saw bakers and engineers and writers and farmers. She saw mothers and fathers loving their children.

Then she saw a beautiful mother with love and longing in her heart for another child and she asked her angel now, May I go to her?

The angel said, You must go through the land of dreams first.
The next night the little child had a dream. She dreamed that she met and man and a woman and they stretched out their arms to her and asked her to come be their child.
The child told her angel the dream. The angel said, It is now time for you to go.
So the child asked, So may I go now?
You may go and share your joy and purpose with all the world’ and the Angel said ‘Give me your wings and I will hold them for you until you return”.

That night the child went to sleep into dreamland and while ten moons waxed and waned she rocked in a little boat.

And at the end of that time a beautiful rainbow bridge stretched from heaven to earth

and on it came the child as a tiny baby and slid into her mother and fathers waiting arms. They looked in awe at this new life and said “We shall call her Caila.”

Happy 5th Birthday to my little fairy princess!


  1. Amazing work on all fronts! The dress is super twirly, the doll is fantastic, and your rainbow bridge book is beautiful. Nice job mama!

  2. what a special birthday for your daughter. I love the doll you made her, especially her hair! I think its extra special that her birthday book was made by you

  3. Oh that is incredibly sweet!! I love it. How wonderful to grow up in such a world of wonder!!! ;0)

    I love the dolls hair too, very fun!


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