Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jameson's check up

So today Jameson had to go in for his nine month well visit. Which was just so annoying ohh how I try to avoid the doctors as much as possible. When can your child be just your child...I feel like the doctors really take that saying to know the one that says it takes a village to raise a child. I just don't like that they make you feel like you are some horrible parent because you aren't following their rules or raising your child by the book. Or that your not a normal mother because your baby isn't eating as much solid food as he should be and that at a year Jameson really should be switching to whole milk instead of breastmilk...well last I checked my boobs don't have an expiration date stamped on them, and yes I don't use those dull colored baby food jars I actually make my own. And don't get me started about that stupid chart that they have... they want your baby needs to be this tall fat baby do they see Americanan's and how we are the worse country for obesity... I remember my doctors telling me that my daughter Caila was to little and I needed to feed her butter and bacon....What happened to the time time when you would go to the white witch on the mountain only when you were sick and she would fix you up just the recipe you would need from her magical garden, and in exchange you would give her eggs or bread or something....
I know half my family thinks I'm coo coo because of some of the things I do to my kids when they are sick but they really do work granted half the time my kids smell like garlic but it saves us a trip to the doctors and shoving all this crap down their throat.
So I'm sorry about my little rant I just needed to get that all out!!!


  1. Go for it, and don't be sorry! It's angering all the "rules" that are imposed on us in our supposed "free" country. It's angering, and those that are blind, deaf or just don't care shut up and go with the flow without noticing.

    The fact that you are aware and care is a testament to your intelligence, thoughtfulness and that you are ALIVE. LOL I often get worked up myself about things of that nature. And even though I get my kids to the Dr. as scheduled even though they are not sick, it is not lost on me that it is being imposed on me.

    We have to do our best to live in our time (we are here at this time and place for a reason I believe) and influence for good what we can, even if that is simply raising our children to be sensitive to what is going on around them and aware, passing on the knowledge we have sought out and learned to them, and making sure they know the price and struggle paid to afford the freedoms we have and to safeguard them.

    Well that is just my little rant to add to the collections..haha

    I may not be in the exciting and mysterious "out there" doing grand things but in my little nest I am influencing 6 lives and that is a great thing hidden away for this short time.

    Keep on doing what you are doing and raising those precious ones with your inuitive healthy ways of the earth. There may come a day when a lot of what we know comes crashing down who knows...the knowledge you have stored up and practiced may go from labeling you a cuckoo to a sought after friend, sister, daughter etc,... We may one day be the wise woman in the mountain who knows.

  2. I so hear you on this one!
    I get grief from our family and doctor alike, most of the time...
    but in the end, I believe that I know best!!


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