Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new babies

Leave it to 6 little cute chicks to get back into the blogging world. Today I spontaneously went to the local feed store and just bought six little chickies. I had planned on just trying to hatch our own chicks (which I still am in the process of doing) but over the last week we've been having some trouble with regulating the temp in the homemade egg incubator so I decided to buy some as well just to make sure that IF my little eggs don't hatch that the kids will have these little cuties too and wont be heart broken. I only planned on having 3-4 chicks but it looks like we might be bumping that up to 6 chicks instead...SO here are our new additions...

2 Brahma's that look about 2-3 weeks old and their names are mama Rosa (make sure you roll your tongue when you say her name) and then their is mama Holly.
And the other 4 are Rhone Island reds and their names are Kalie, Sassy, Fluffernutter,and Daisy and they look about 1 week old.
I can't tell you how quickly you fall in love with their sweet little faces.
I'm really hoping that at least one of my green eggs hatches though because that was the whole reason I wanted chickens so we could have green eggs!!...I've never heard of such a thing till I went on a homeschooling field trip to a farm three years ago, from that day on I knew I wanted chickens that laied green eggs!!
Here is our homemade egg oven with 11 eggs in it.. We started with 12 but I heard that you could crack one open carefully and watch it grow...BUT I didn't think to cover it so it dried up and died but the kids were able to see the veins starting and we could also see the heartbeat...what an amazing science experiment. So we started a main lesson book about chicks and have been having fun drawing pictures of the progress happening in the egg as well as a few drawings of chick stories that we've red such as "The wonderful shinny egg" from the book of Among the farmyard people
I will keep you updated on their growth as well as the egg hatching, and chicken coop building...We have alot to do in the next few weeks so wish me luck I think I'm going to need it!

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