Friday, September 30, 2011

Preparing for Birthday's

Well Ricky and Caila's Birthday's are the 6Th and 15Th of November and to think about it...that's not that far away...SO I've been working on Birthday gifts and Daddy has been tinkering away in the workshop...This year I'm making another cloth doll (a companion for her Emily doll That I made last year) I would also like to make a good collection of clothes for this new lovie doll. Daddy is working on a wooden toy truck and is almost done with that too....Here is my progress on the new Dollie...
This is the dying of the yarn for the hair...

Here are the pieces ready to be stuffed and formed (notice she only has one eye so far..hehe and no lips yet) I have to say that I am much more confident and excited (rather then frustrated) making this doll...last years didn't come out the way I had pictured in my head. I think a big resource for making this doll is a book called Growing up sew's awesome plus she has on-line links for help to make the hair on the doll too!! I would recommend this book to every mama who's crafty.

I'm enjoying it so much more that I'm going to be making Jameson one for Christmas as well...He;ll be getting a farmer since he LOVES Caila's Emily doll that I made last year. (I'll update you on that one when I start it.)
I will have to post pictures of Daddy's progress tonight since he brought his projects to work today to tinker on there..


  1. Wonderful to hear of how your confidence has grown, Jen, and I can't wait to see it when she's done. Will be awaiting pics of her and the workshop goodies, too!!

  2. How cute is that little doll. I love that you are making a farmer for your son. So fun!!!

  3. I'm really enjoying your blog so I just signed up to follow. Although I love knitting I think I lack a bit in the art department. The projects you are doing with your kids are so inspiring.


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