Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poetry break day today

Today we celebrated poetry break day (a day late..mommy brain for sure) We enjoyed sitting by the fireplace reading wonderful poems. The kids especially enjoyed Falling up and Where the sidewalk ends books by Shel Silverstein...they thought the poems were supper silly. We also enjoyed a few other books like The llama who had no pajama, For laughing out loud, and Mirror mirror, so as you can see from our poetry collection that we read today it kinda set the mood for silliness all morning, it was nice to do something different for school today!!
After reading for a better part of our morning we decided to try this poetry thing out. I found a few great resource for doing poetry with children...
Here is the site I found helpful...

We did a Bio poem which is


Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of...
Line 4: Lover of
Line 5: Who fears...
Line 6: Who needs...
Line 7: Who gives...
Line 8: Who would like to see...
Line 9: Resident of...
Line 10: Last Name(we did middle name instead)


Silly,playful, loving, toothless

Sibling of Ricky, Jameson, and Annabelle

Lover of snuggly bears

Who fears the dark

Who needs lots of snacks

Who gives laughter

Who would like to see God in heaven

Resident of planet earth




Sibling of Caila,Jameson,Annabelle

Lover of family, lego's, woodworking

Fears the dark,

Needs to sleep late,

Gives gifts to people I love

Who would like to see Alaska,

Resident of the earth


We also worked on a 5W poem

Line 1: Who
Line 2: What
Line 3: Where
Line 4: When
Line 5: Why

Rick's poem called Lego's
ots of colors
asy to follow directions
ood fun
bsessed with this great toy
o many thing to build

It was a super fun day for sure I actually think we might add one day in the week to have a poetry break time in the middle of school, where we can read a few poems and then write a poem of our own. Maybe even start a family poetry book because they enjoyed today so much!! We can't wait for national poetry month in April. Well I'm off to do our lunch dishes, and afternoon chores...I might even sneak in a little nap too! hehe (pregnancy always makes me so tired)


  1. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing, I love their poems!

  2. They did a great job! I'll have to check out your poetry links. My girls enjoy reading silly poetry as well! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Jen :)


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